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Corporate Broking

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Corporate Broking

Whitman Howard specialises in providing fundraising and corporate broking solutions to small and medium sized public companies. We have a dedicated team of senior professionals with significant transactional experience, leveraging our research capabilities in those sectors where we specialise. We believe in building long term, sustainable relationships with our corporate clients, underpinned by our deep understanding of their businesses and the sectors in which they operate.

Whitman Howard’s dedicated corporate broking team bridges the transactional corporate finance team and the powerful distribution of our institutional sales and trading teams. Our fully integrated approach provides our corporate clients with valuable feedback on market sentiment and trading in their shares. Our corporate broking and finance teams work seamlessly to ensure market conditions are factored into the structuring of any offering at an early stage in order to maximise the chance of success.

We have a dedicated investor relations function, organising roadshows around results and on an ad hoc basis with new and existing shareholders. We aim to educate the wider investment community on our clients’ investment case, financial performance and future potential. We provide bespoke reports containing valuable feedback on how institutional investors are thinking about a company’s equity story and how best to position themselves in the future in order to maximise their rating.

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    Why Whitman Howard

    "When Richmond Foods PLC was in its early stages of acquisitions and growth as a quoted company, our share price was not moving in line with our expectations. At the time, we felt that the efforts of our incumbent broking were focused towards our larger competitors, rather than on Richmond. We moved to a relatively new broking firm, to whom we were a really important client. The share price doubled in less than two months and we never left them until I took the business private, having achieved a return of over 12 times the float price for our shareholders.

    This and other experiences with quoted companies demonstrated to me that the best results are achieved through an experienced and motivated team, telling the right story, to the right audience. I agreed to join Whitman Howard as Chairman because it is an organisation that can deliver these results to its corporate and institutional clients."

    James Lambert OBE